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ThetaHealing Intro and Meditation

Are you curious and would like to experience ThetaHealing® hands-on? Are you ready to invest time and energy into a simple yet extremely comprehensive and powerful modality to support you in your life path? Are you ready to integrate and reclaim your healing power, psychic abilities and your potential as a being of love? Or maybe you would just like to sit quietly and be guided into a meditation to clean your energy of all that no longer serves you, and uplift your divine and inner connection... Be welcome!

"When a bud opens, it becomes a flower;
When a heart opens, it becomes divine.

ThetaHealing® is a energy healing meditation technique/practice capable of manifesting the reality we wish for - cleaning emotions, helping to heal illnesses, reconnecting with the spirit and the purpose of life, reprogramming limiting belief systems and behaviour patterns. In a successful mix of science and spirituality, we work through the Theta brainwave state with the energy of Love from the Source of All That Is, acting on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels - leading to a healthier, more abundant, loving and happier life in the Highest and Best way. The ThetaHealing technique is best described as an attainable miracle for your life.

This session will include a brief explantation of the ThetaHealing technique, a group meditation and energy clearing session, as well as a demo of the technique.

Entrance: suggested donation from €8 to €17.

If you are ready to step fully into your power, book a place at the 3 day seminar to learn how to use this technique to heal yourself and others. Go to the event ThetaHealing Basic DNA - Awakening your Inner Masterhappening on 21, 22 and 23 of december.