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You and The Creator

The Growing Your Relationships: You and the Creator is the seminar that will make you truly able to use ThetaHealing to work on yourself effectively, while cultivating a continuous relationship to the most kind, loving and intelligent aspect of Creation. With this relationship growing day by day, there’s so much more possibility to love and feel loved by All That Is, while being able to have a much deeper understanding of your divine purpose here.

The information that comes through on this seminar teaches you to actually identify creator's voice versus your own brain, giving you a much better possibility of effectively doing belief work and healings on yourself. With the understanding of the subconscious motivations of your ego, survival self and undercurrent, you are able to make much better decisions in your life. With an awareness of your divine purpose you are able to understand what your higher self is willing to learn and how it wants to grow.

Then, with all that put together you can attune your actions to your divine path, rooted in learning, unconditional love and full trust in All That Is. <3

If you're considering taking this seminar, I'd really like to invite you to just jump into it. This is truly a foundational content for your life and path as a ThetaHealer.

So, I'm looking forward to welcome next Wednesday and Thursday at the Zentrum in Berlin. Times are daily from 16h-22h. Dig Deeper is a prerequisite. If needed be, payment plans are available. Also, if there's any questions or requests I can help you with, don't hesitate to get in touch! :)

Joyfully in service,
Yabo - True Sovereign Heart